Worst serial killer Pedro Alonso Lopez killed and raped 300 girls “Monster of the Andes”

Pedro Alonso Lopez raped 300 girls and killed

He is believed to have killed around 300 young girls between the ages of 8 and 12, in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Pedro Alonso Lopez is a Colombian serial killer, accused of raping and killing more than 300 girls across South America was believed to have preyed on young and vulnerable girls in Peru. He lured them to secluded areas or inside unoccupied buildings where he raped each of them before killing them by a range of brutal methods, primarily strangulation (the action or state of strangling or being strangled).

He is also known as  “Monster of the Andes.”

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Lopez was arrested when an attempted abduction failed and he was trapped by market traders. He confessed to over 300 murders.

López would draw in his victims by posing as a salesman who was lost and needed help getting out of the area. He would lure the girls away from their family, rape them, then murder them. López claimed he was committing the crimes to “help” the girls. He said he would kill them so they could go to heaven.

The police only believed him when a flash flood uncovered a mass grave containing many of his victims. Eventually, 53 bodies were discovered. Imprisoned in 1980 he served just 18 years before being released from an Ecuadorian prison and was deported to Columbia where he was rearrested and in 2002 was sentenced to life.

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