World youngest hacker aged 5 added to Microsoft Techcenter for exposing Vulnerability in XBOX


Brilliance have no age limits, 5-year-old boy exposed Vulnerability in XBOX 360 Password

You call it luck, brilliance, accident or name it whatever but Microsoft tech center recognize the boy as world youngest hacker in the world at the age of just 5.

Hassel (Kristoffer von Hassel) is the son of Robert Davies, who works in computer security, and Jill Nyahay. They live in Ocean Beach, California.When the media started covering Hassel in early April 2014, he was enrolled in Kindergarten

Hassel. Kristoffer Microsoft-min

His father used Parent Lock on the XBOX 360 to limit the game access to XBOX system. but child bypassed in no time. After doing it many times his father noticed his son playing XBOX.

Media started covering the child in 2014 when the father reported to Microsoft about the flaw in their password system. Microsoft rewarded the child with Microsoft XBOX 360 1 year free subscription & $50 reward card.

He is now listed as security researcher on Microsoft Website having tagged  “the most unusual but perhaps the most significant”.


Source: Wiki, Microsoft, News

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