World strongest beer Snake Venom

Snake Venom is known to be worlds strongest Beer it includes 67.5% of alcohol in it. Even creator recommends not to drink in one shot

The makers of Snake Venom warn that even the heaviest of boozers should not drink a whole bottle in one go.

Lab tests have confirmed the super strength of Brewmeister’s bevvy, made in a bid to beat mega-beers from rival firms such as Brewdog and German microbrewery Schorschbrau.

The tipple, which carries a warning on the neck of the bottle, is produced using two different yeast strains – ale and champagne – and is freeze-concentrated to boost its alcohol content.

Experts say it should not be guzzled, but savoured and sipped. Lewis Shand, above, managing director of Brewmeister, said: “Snake Venom is not like other beers. We would not recommend drinking a whole bottle in one go.

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“It should be savoured in small measures in a similar way to a fine whisky or brandy.”

Trading standards experts confirmed the whopping 67.5% strength of the beer after laboratory tests.

“We are delighted that they have confirmed what we have known all along, that Snake Venom is the world’s strongest beer,” said a proud Mr Shand yesterday.

The tipple, produced in Scotland at Keith, Banffshire, is being sold through the company’s website for £50 a go.


We believe below is the recipe of Snake Venom if you try to make it yourself. Disclaimer: Please try at your own risk we have not tested it result is copied from

Receipe of snake venom beer


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