world smallest computer cubox-i sells just for $56 and can do many things for you

World smallest computer cubox-i-min

Cubox-i World Smallest Computer can do many things for you, and it’s price is so cheap

World is changed with the day passes, we are evolved from big to small same what is going to happen with our technology. we are not far behind to be called as an Alien. who knows

CuBox-i is the newest model from SolidRun, which launched its first CuBox low-power, miniature micro-PC and media center at the end of 2011, just a year after going into business. The tiny, yet powerful computer is not designed for tasks like word processing or photo manipulation. It’s mainly meant for the Internet of Things (IoT), among other uses.

Weighing only about three ounces (91 grams) with a built-in operating system and WiFi, CuBox can be your Android TV box, multimedia streamer, networked storage solution and pocket-size personal computer, running Lite Desktop and infinite open-source applications. If you need more juice, you can scale up to the CuBox-i2 ($80) or CuBox-i4 Pro ($140) without scaling up in size.


source: solid-run, google

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