World most terrifying place on earth to visit “Potato Chip Rock”


The World most terrifying place on earth to visit, many accidents didn’t prevented hikers to get lifetime Photo

Potato Chip Rock is located at the peak of Mount Woodson in Poway, California.Mt Woodson offers breathtaking vistas along the hike from Lake Poway. This hike is moderately strenuous, and easy to access due to its convenient location. The trail is very steep and narrow in some places, but well marked and maintained most of the way until the last 1/2 hour to the top. In the summer, be sure to take enough water, it gets extremely hot and dry!

The views to the ocean and to Palomar Mountain to the East are worth the effort. Consider bringing a picnic for the top or when getting back to Lake Poway. There is a shorter but steeper way to the top, via highway 67 that is paved and well maintained, but less often traveled.

Potato Chip Rock got attentation due to Facebook & Instagram, now its popular place for the hikers.

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image source: Google images

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