Whoever votes for WAR he have to register for volunteer service in Army


WAR is a costly burden not only for economy its also violates a lot of human rights, We have already lost billion’s of life’s in this madness.

We have endless examples for this, starting from world war’s to invasion to other countries forced by greed of power, black gold & land. Sometimes it’s necessary to go for War to get freedom but it’s not the case mostly.

Everyone wants to achieve #1 spot to control economy.

In 1916, with World War I looming for the United States, a group of Nebraska residents gathered petition signatures and sent a constitutional amendment to Congress that would have enacted a national referendum before lawmakers could declare war. On top of the national vote, anyone who cast a ballot in favor of war would have been required to register as a volunteer for service in the United States Army.


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While the proposal didn’t make it far in Congress, the idea now pops up regularly on various social networks, earning the attention of anti-war activists and anti-interventionists who support a more concrete definition of war. There was heated discussion last month over whether President Barack Obama would seek congressional approval for military action in Syria. The president has decided to, but he has also maintained that it is within his authority to approve a strike without a vote in Congress.

Frankly I love this idea.

source: huffingpost

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