White color trees you never seen earlier, found in Bavaria, Germany

White haven Bavaria Germany-min

In Bavaria temperature is below zero degrees which caused the moisture to freeze

Bavaria is a state in southeastern Germany bordering Liechtenstein, Austria, and the Czech Republic. State capital Munich is known for its annual Oktoberfest beer festival, art museums and ornate Nymphenburg Palace. The Romantic Road scenic route starts in northwestern Würzburg, winds south through pastoral villages and medieval towns and culminates in the foothills of the Alps near Germany’s southern border.

In Bavaria, its most of the time foggy even in days, intrestedFor many, Bavaria is sausage, beer, and lederhosen, and although you’ll find all of that on your vacation, Bavaria has much more to offer. but it has marvelous beauty everywhere. check out some of the breathtaking clicks.

White color tree in Bavaria germany4-min


White color tree in Bavaria germany1-min


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