WhatsApp lied to you for so long about the encryption, What they are hiding and You should know?

Whatsapp encryption they lied to you always

You must have been believing WhatsApp is encrypting end to end messages for you. Think again what they are doing is reveled

WhatsApp leading messaging platform got a lot of trust from users when they introduced encryption in their system. They have been telling to everyone that the message is end to end secure and no one can read it or capture it.

Even they claimed they do not keep track of any messages you exchange. You might have seen below message

whatsapp Encryption


but what we have found is they are leaving message fingerprint saved in your phone, to recover the messages any time.

WhatsApp encryption is a lie


This was discovered by Jonathan Zdziarski, an iOS researcher, who found that WhatsApp keeps a forensic trace of the chat logs even after deletion by the user. Zdziarski also revealed that if an attacker has physical access to your phone the stored data can be accessed.

WhatsApp has been claiming all the time that it doesn’t have any trace of your messages or sensitive data. this might be not big deal for you.

Its not important for you? Think again?

if you are thinking security is not a concerned or your privacy is not important you can live with that. But for some its very important when you are exchanging private messages or sensitive information using whatsApp.

and on top of it if you got tail Law enforcement they can request the company to provide them deleted messages and will be a proof against you.

There is no direct solution to this issue at the moment. Only thing if privacy is important for you, you can leave whatsApp or do not exchange private/sensitive content.


Source: Jonathan Zdziarski, Hackread


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