Vespa 150 TAP mounted with Bazooka it was built to take over tanks


Low cost deadly weapon

Vespa 150 TAP as called TAP56 TAP59 were built to take over the tanks. Vespa costs roughly around $500 to the time. it was produced by Ateliers de Construction de Motocycles et Automobiles (ACMA).

Modification includes

  • Heavy Frame to take weight of Bazooka
  • Mounted Bazooka

only 500 of these were created and was not having any kind of aiming system.

The 150 TAP’s mounted M20 75 mm recoilless rifle, a U.S.-made light anti-armor cannon, was very light in comparison to a standard 75 mm cannon but was still able to penetrate 100 mm of Armor by HEAT warhead. The recoil is counteracted by venting propellant gases out the rear of the weapon which eliminated the need for a mechanical recoil system or heavy mounts, enabling the weapon to be fired from the Vespa frame.


The scooters would be parachute-dropped in pairs, accompanied by a two-man team. The gun was carried on one scooter, while the ammunition was loaded on the other. Due to the lack of any kind of aiming devices the recoilless rifle was never designed to be fired from the scooter; the gun was mounted on a tripod, which was also carried by the scooter, before being fired.

Source: Wikipedia

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