USA Special Submarine (Annapolis) can tap into underwater internet lines to monitor other countries

USA special submrine can tap into undewater sea cables-min

USA Special Submarine is equipped with Cyber offensive features, which has the capabilities to tap into underwater internet lines


USA Annapolis-US-Navy-special-submarines


Have you wondered how the world is connected? Do you think satellites are connecting you to whole world? Let us take you around the world connections. Watch interactive Video of MAP if you would like to



Since 1850 We have been laying cables around the world to connect the internet Backbone, it consist of 35000 Miles of cable.

USA is known country for the tapping into other countries fiber cables. Submarine is exposed by Edward Snowden the its named as USS Annapolis, the submarine has computer network exploitation (CNE) toolkit. You can read the document published revealing Annapolis.

CNE toolkits are portable hacking platforms that spy on specific targets, such as underwater communications cables, other military troops, and military infrastructure.

in short other countries are not safe from hacking from US. Its not first time US has done it Now, reports of US Navy using submarines as cyber weapons have gained more weight.


Source: Google,Edward Papers

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