Untold & Secret Egg hatching technique’s in Pokemon GO only limited people know about

People Using Weird, ways to hatch POKEMON GO Eggs. Even Microwave-min

No One Knows who came up with these ideas to hatch Eggs in Pokemon GO, it can’t go unnoticed

Pokemon Go game was released with one thing in mind to make people active & force them to go out and stop watching Movies on Netflix and playing video games.

But some are so smart or too lazy to develop these techniques to trick the system to hatch the egg

Pokemon Go egg hatching-min

#9 Let egg hatch inside the room Pokemon will go on ride

Toys seems perfect and looks like no one getting harm, Just give your phone to baby to put it on the trains. Not the original one of course.

pokemon-go-hatching egg using toy train

#8Fly and hatch Egg

Hatching Pokemon egg with Style using Drone

Flying drone and hatch pokemon egg-min

#7 Let Dog walk for you

Some people are so lazy they do not want to get out of their room but want to play Pokemon Go. Look Yourself

pokemon go egg hatching by dog

#6 Using Cats to walk around for you not sure you will get your mobile back or not

How about cats?
hatching egg using cat


#5 Using Chicken to Hatch Pokemon Eggs

Definitely not this one? you have expected. Some one used real chicken to hatch Pokemon Go eggs. I guess may be it comes out a Chicken Pokemon



#4 Using FAN to hatch your egg you will get FUNOMON

Pokemon Egg hatching using fan

Seriously? FAN is gonna hatch Pokemon Go eggs? some one must be Alien to think of it

Pokemon go egg hatching using fan smart

it looks like smart thing right? Break Pokemon caught inside the screen and cannot get out

#3 Using Disco Balls

How about Disco Balls to use for hatching Pokemon Egg?

Disco ball to hatch Pokemon egg

it seems working right?

#2 using Car Wheel to hatch Egg

Pokemon go hatch egg using car

This guy should have been awarded by the government to use Car tire to hatch egg.


#1 This one has really killed me to use Microwave to hatch Pokemon Eggs



Use microwave to hatch eggs


Source: Google Images

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