website hacked, Search your email in leaked database hacked 2 million accounts hacker got username and password in cleartext-min Lost 2 Million accounts, hacker leaked clear-text username and Password over internet another hit, after the Muslimmatch lost its complete database and leaked to the Internet. Over 2 million accounts username & password are leaked online by the Hacker.

None of the data from these two sites appears to be traded on the Dark Web at the moment of writing the article.

Most frequent used password on & Top ranked Email ID associated with that.

Passwords from are reported to be in clear text format, but has passwords that are encrypted with hashed with MD5, a hashing algorithm which can be easily de-encrypted.

You can search your email id in the database: Click here

if its in the above database make sure you change your password immediately.

Our Recommendation is to never use simple password and do not use the same password as of your parent account.


Source: hackread,the hacknews, leakedsource

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