how to secure wordpress blog or website from hacking, plugins are not enough

Plugin’s to protect your website is not enough, you have to take some serious steps to secure your website

Hacking websites are getting easier and easier every day, script kiddies are the major problem. Every day I face at least 40-45 attacks on my website.

You should avoid below as much as possible

  • Installing unnecessary plugin’s
  • Installing plugin from unauthenticated source, always read reviews of plugin first

You should do below on priority basis

  • Install plugin which could prevent root base attacks
  • Install two-factor authentication
    • You can use inbuilt features for two-factor authentications from above security tools or install separate plugin, I prefer separate like (Rublon, Google authenticator, Two-factor authentications)
  • Enable Jetpack security features
  • Uninstall unused plugins

You have reached half way, let’s secure something which above plugin cannot secure

  • Database
  • Include Files path protection
  • Admin Access
  • File Permission

Let’s take some precautions

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