Pwned, Search your email id if it’s part of breached and Hacked Databases where you can search your email id in leaked databases-min

Pwned, Search Your email in the leaked Databases if you found your email in this database change your password now as it is already compromised.

Pwned passwords, It’s very hard to keep track of lost email ID or password. Most of the users keep using the same password over and over again on different website sign up or subscribe, which make it vulnerable to major threats online.

Let’s accept this we cannot remember all the username & password we used over different websites. Everyone has a different opinion. The major problem is we keep same passwords across the internet.

Every day there are Millions of hacked database even from biggest giant from industry for example (Yahoo,Hotmail,Adobe,Linkedin,Dailymotion much more).

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Search email in Comprosied Database-min

one of my very old email when I was a kid I used that and I found that in 5 breached databases. You cannot ever trust anyone.

Search email in compromised database1-min

This tool has given me visibility immediately what I should do with my accounts. Definitely close it, because most users keep password’s same for all their logins and this is the key for them.

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How this Tool got all these databases:

They buy breached databases from DARKNET website which is totally different what we know our internet is. You just have to put your email id and that’s all you got your result’s if you do not know about Dark web it’s a selling platform same as Amazon. The only difference is it’s for hackers.

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You can also see what was included in the breached database, for example below just click what’s included you will find out if its (username only, or it includes password as well).

Search email in compromised database 2

Search your email id and if you found it useful like our page and do not forget to rate us.

below is the list of Best tools to search your breached email address

Have I been Pwned (

Awesome Site having large database of breached accounts to search from.

Just enter your email and you get to know from which sites you account is breached. One good feature is you can add your email to continues monitor the breach in case your email is found in breached database you will be notified to change your password.

Haveibeenpwned notify me

hacked-emails (

This site also offers easy way to locate your email address, but they have an added step of verification before they could provide you with the results.
hacked-emails database

Leaked Source (

Good easy and straightforward search bar to notify you if you email is part of the breached databases.

Below is the list of biggest database breaches

List of the most recently added 20 databases. You can find this under their HACKED Website Tabs

  • – 87,610,750 users
  • – 339,774,493 users
  • – 7,176,877 users
  • – 1,135,731 users
  • – 1,423,192 users
  • – 62,668,630 users
  • – 43,430,316 users
  • – 22,534,984 users
  • – 58,848,226 users
  • – 1,164,546 users
  • – 100,722 users
  • – 242,786 users
  • – 74,576 users
  • – 39,563 users
  • – 56,089 users
  • – 422,681 users
  • Onliner Spambot accounts – 711,477,622 users
  • Exploit.In accounts – 593,427,119 users
  • Anti Public Combo List accounts – 457,962,538 users
  • River City Media Spam List accounts – 393,430,309 users
  • MySpace accounts – 359,420,698 users
  • NetEase accounts – 234,842,089 users
  • LinkedIn accounts – 164,611,595 users
  • Adobe accounts – 152,445,165 users
  • Exactis accounts – 131,577,763 users
  • Apollo accounts – 125,929,660 users
  • Digimon accounts – 7687,679 users
  • SaverSpy accounts – 2,457,420 users
  • Real Estate Mogul accounts – 307, 768 users
  • NemoWeb accounts – 3,472,916 users
  • Credential Stuffing – 41,826,763 users
  • Russian America accounts – 182,717 users
  • FreshMenu accounts – 110,355 users
  • NapsGear accounts – 287,071 users
  • Warmane accounts – 1,116,256 users


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Now you got the idea how vulnerable we are and the companies we are trusting are not taking our security seriously.

Good luck stay secure

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