Police Creating Fake profiles to monitor and track you, Be careful before accepting unknown ID

Police are Creating Fake Facebook Accounts to Monitor You — Here’s How to find out if its fake account

We are part of social media with direct or indirect mean like (Facebook, encounterTwitter, Instagram etc.) this became a major attraction for law enforcement agencies to track the users.

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In a social media guide for law enforcement officials published by the Justice Department, the document details, officers create fraudulent profiles even though Facebook officially bans the practice.

Departments are also beginning to use predictive analytical policing software, allowing authorities to patrol local neighborhoods based on social networking posts. If people are emotionally upset and publish it on social media networks, the software program labels the neighborhood high risk alerting law enforcement to occupy those areas.

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In a recent article published by Business Insider one police officer answered a LexisNexis survey that he “was looking for a suspect related to drug charges for over a month. When I looked him up on Facebook and requested him as a friend from a fictitious profile, he accepted,” and “he kept ‘checking in’ everywhere he went, so I was able to track him down very easily.”


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