Pokemon Go World famous CEO & Developer twitter account hacked by Ourmine

Ceo John hank founder of Pokemon go twitter account hacked

Ourmine Hackers made their mark on another high profile social media profile, this time world famous CEO & Developer of Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO ceo account hacked

This is not the first time Ourmine left their footprint on top profiles there are a lot of cases

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they have also done the same with Facebook CEO Account. This time they got a jackpot by compromising the world most talked CEO John Hanke, he is also the devolper of Pokemon GO world most popular game.

Pokemon GO game broke the record for 23 Million Users playing online at the same time on 12-July.

Hackers manged to post a lot of posts on his account before John came to know his account is compromised.

Checkout below screenshots of his twitter account.

Pokemon CEO Account hacked 1

The group hinted at the Brazilian connection with the game that prompted the attack since they claimed that the hack was directed towards Brazil. It must be noted that the game hasn’t been released yet in Brazil.

Pokemon GO Ceo twitter account hack tweets

Wondering what was the password of Niantic’s CEO Hanke? No points for guessing, it was “nopass.” Yeah, like you, we also couldn’t believe that this was his password.

Pokemon CEO has nopass as twitter password-min


Those who do not know who is Ourmine hackers, its mainly White hat hackers and offer security services to companies for $5000.

By hacking high profile website they make free publicity all over the internet.


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