Pokemon Go stuck in Refunds from Angry Players caused by recent upgrade

Pokemon Go players asking for refunds

Pokemon Go game hit the major downfall in game players after removing Tracking system and shut down all major tracking providers

Team decision in recent 48 hours caused major tracking providers to shutdown. Now the users are not able to see what is the distance to the nearest Pokemon

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Pokemon Go tracking-min

Players got angry and started to quit the game and ended up filling claim forms from Apple IOS Store & Google Play store in many cases they have succeeded as well.

Some users are also claiming that even after getting the refund from Google they still have the in APP purchases but we don’t have any proof for that.

Player says that after killing the tracking system they lost the interested, now they are not able to see how far and where is the Pokemon.

Now players are requesting refunds, citing that the game’s functionality has been altered to the point where the original plans for those in-app purchases are no longer viable. They purchased Pokémon Go currency to buy items to track and capture Pokémon, and while they can still capture random creatures they come across, it’s not the same thing.

Pokemon Go claims

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