Pokemon Go 2 version How it will look like? Find out Amazing new Pokemon

Pokemon Go 2 Version will look amazing-min

After Pokemon GO lets get feeling of Pokemon Next version Generation 2 (Pokemon GO 2)

There is no doubt that Pokemon is a world wide hit, at a point of time it breaks the record of every game on planet by hitting 25 Million active users.

We are expecting Version 2 to be released as many players are done with Pokemon Go 1 and caught all the Pokemon in the game. its our assumption that it was with the help of GPS locating services which helped them to know which Pokemon is at which location.

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Very interesting idea by one of the Fan of Pokemon created suggestion for Pokemon GO version 2. Many players are agreeing as a good idea and  it should be having these new features.

Fan of Pokemon Go has created the idea of having Pokemon 2 Version says it should look like below

4# Starter Pokemon (69 New Pokemon)

Now that players have been slowly introduced to the new Pokemon the flood gates open. The day/nigh cycle is something that was iconic to the Generation 2 games and it will come into play here. As many of the new Pokemon will replace older once during either the day or night starters, babies evolutions and legendaries aside there are 67 new Pokemon to discover in the wild. Enough to keep players busy for a while. But not enough to drown out the old Pokemon.

Pokemon Go version 2 new Pokemon

How it works:

  • Once the player has obtain bother a baby and an evolution, Professor Willow will make contact and congratulate them.
  • At this point the professor will offer the player a choice of 3 new Starter Pokemon just as he did when they first started.
  • After this point generation 2 Pokemon will begin appearing in the wild. They will only appear to players who have obtained one of Generation 2 starter POkemon. Many of these Pokemon will only apear at night. For example, Hoot-hoot will replace pidgeys at night

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