Play Pokemon and find your loved one nearby sharing your interest to Catch Pokemon

Pokemon go lovers can meet on Pokedate-min

GPS based App allows you to find  and arrange date with another Pokemon players nearby

This is a brilliant idea to club together both apps. it will add more fun into game when you will have another player with you sharing same interest and likes. Who knows you will be life partners.

Pokemon GO + PokeDate = Love of your life

This app allows you to quickly find your match  by simply answering few questions

Pokedate app screen


What are you waiting for ? grab your phone and search for perfect match. Only draw back is first date is free of charge & onward is paid. But you can get free dates by refereeing your friends.

word from Pokedate


Pokémon GO is arguably the best idea of the 21st century. Combining heart-felt nostalgia with the latest in Augmented Reality technology, this game allows 2-200 year olds to explore the Pokéworld via the real world.

To play, you have to leave your home, go out and about and roam this world of ours. You literally cannot play without moving – and fitbits all over the world have been tracking record steps as a result.

While competitive, most users see more upside in collaboration and this game has been breaking societal barriers and making friends left and right.

What’s next for Pokemon GO? Well it’s obvious isn’t? Pokedate”

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Source: Pokedate

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