Pink Star Diamond Sold for $83 Million also known as The Pink Dream

Pink Star Diamond is world most expensive Diamond. Also known as flawless diamon-min

Pink Star Diamond its one of rarest stone

Believe me since human race we are so attracted to jewelry, earlier we were wearing natural jewelry for example crown made of roses, bones in tribes. Even it was known to be a method of showing you are leader of tribe by wearing jewelry.

Since then jewelry has evolved to different forms & shapes as human race & nature along with us, reached till Diamonds also known as desire of every woman.

To fire the desire of every woman a very rare diamond was gifted by the nature in African Diamond Mines known as Pink Star Diamond.

The pink star Diamond flawless the pink dream-min

it was auction two times by Sotheby’s Geneva first priced at $61 Million when the highest bidder was not able to pay the auction price he was nominated as defaulter, he outnumbered other three bidders with his highest bit reaching $76 Million. Since he was not able to pay it went for second auction starting priced at $73 Million.

Pink Star diamond is also known to be flawless, and many known it “THE PINK Dream”. Who want to buy PInk star must have alot of sum and definitely whoever you will gift it is unforgettable.

Finally sold for $83 Million holding world record. Sold in September 2013.


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