Pass code is more secure than fingerprint for your phone

Passcode is more secure than your fingerprint-min

Protect your phone with pass code rather than fingerprint to stay in safe boundaries

when it comes to law enforcement authorities, it is safer to have pass code rather than fingerprints. its a debate of What you know & what you have?

What You have:

For example any one can just force your hand to be placed on phone sensor and unlock it, there is no LAW which could prevent it. LAW enforcement agencies will just get what ever they need out of it to get you in trouble.

What You know:

When you have pass code no one can force you to open it without legal authorization by Court, your lawyer can even prevent them to reach your phone memory.

if you are living in United State there is a good news for you it doesn’t falls under Fifth Amendant rule.

“If you are being forced to divulge something that you know, that’s not okay,” said Marcia Hofmann, an attorney and special counsel to digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation. “If the government is able through other means to collect evidence that just exists, then they certainly can do that without stepping on the toes of the constitutional protection.”

“The important thing is,” Hofmann said, “is it something you know, or something you have?”

source: Times

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