Pakistani hackers deface Google Bangladesh domain, Security is a illusion

Pakistani hackers deface Google Bangladesh domain-min

Cyber security is major threat to any organization today, Even Google one of the biggest giant is not safe from it.

Security is a illusion. Motive of Hackers from Zone-H. Normally they do not target enterprise they are more interested in hacking government websites specially India.

Many high profile Indian profiles & websites has be defaced by this hackers group and they seems pretty good in this.

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They post all the information on their website.

India website defaced-min

Source: Zone-H

A group of Pakistani hackers going by the online handle of Team Pak Cyber Attackers hacked and defaced the official Google Bangladesh domain Tuesday morning. The group left a deface page along with a message on the targeted domain taunting security measures implemented by Google.

The Internet users in Bangladesh were shocked when they witnessed their search engine giant’s domain displaying “Pakistan Zindabad” (Long live Pakistan) slogan. Confused with the situation, users took it to Twitter to get the clear picture of what’s going on.


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Source: Google, Zone-H

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