OurMine hackers hack Netflix and Marvel Entertainment Twitter Accounts

OurMine hacks netflix & Marvel accounts-min

OurMine hackers hack Marvel with 4.7 million Followers and Netflix with 2.7 Million followers Twitter accounts

OurMine hackers are known for hacking high profile websites/Accounts from Twitter/Linkedin & Twitter, they are not black hat hackers. They do it to remind security flaws which normal users do not pay attention to.

They have earlier done it with many big companies. You can read related Posts

Pokemon Go CEO Twitter Account Hacked by OurMine

Twitter CEO account Hacked by OurMine

OurMine hacking group are back and this time they hacked and took over the official Twitter accounts of Netflix US and Marvel entertainment in a hack attack that took place on Wednesday morning.

OurMine took over Netflix US account with 2.48 million followers and tweeted their official logo along with their email address for further contact. Here is a screenshot that was taken by a Twitter user at the time Netflix account was hacked.


Source Twitter Netflix Account

They post the same stuff on all the hacked accounts

“Hey, its OurMine, Don’t worry we are just testing your security. Contact us to help you with your Security. [email protected]

They get free advertising for their company for free.

Upon taking over, the group Tweeted the same content that was tweeted from Netflix account.

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