Now you can play Pokemon & earn money even can join US Army

Now you can convert your game into job US navy attracting Pokemon players to join them.-min

Since Pokemon GO requires trainers to go out and explore, a number of people are now offering to chauffeur tired players to hot spots around their town or city.

Pokemon GO has only been out for a few days in the U.S and in other select regions such as Australia and New Zealand, but it has already become a massive phenomenon. Part of the allure stems from the app’s combination of augmented-reality technology with GPS, allowing players to go exploring and hunting for Pokemon around their town or city. Catching rare Pokemon can get pretty tiring after a while, but a number of people have come up with quite the entrepreneurial solution to this problem.

you can join Taxi services to earn alot of money, many players will pay enough money even $30 per hour to roam around along with you.

pokemon go along with driving

Given that a number of Pokemon GO players have become so engrossed in playing the game that their local police have had to offer up safety tips, this ride-sharing idea is a win-win for everyone – drivers will earn a tidy profit, and players get to catch Pokemon without having to worry about getting tired, run over, or getting lured in by armed robbers.

below one is mind blowing you can join US Navy now.

Navy hiring for pokemon go players


source: Google,Gemerant

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