Notebook from future, You will not ever need a new Notebook for your lifetime

Notebook from future rocket notebook-min

For how many years we are chopping tree’s just to make paper. Nearly 4 Billion tree in a day if you do not know.

its all about to change, now you can buy one notebook and for whole life you can keep writing on this notebook. interesting is you will never lose the written stuff, it automatically just save it to cloud.

The Rocketbook Wave provides the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook, while instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone.

rocket book

When you use Pilot FriXion pens with the Wave notebook, you can erase your notes using your microwave oven and reuse your notebook. Seriously.

beforeafter_phones rocketnotebook

You can sync it anywhere which ever cloud service you are using. let’s see it in action.

You can order it from below

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