Do not waste Pokemon Go candies on these 12 Pokemon, its going to be evolved in Generation 2

Pokemon Go do not evolve these 12

Stop wasting Candies on these Pokemon its not going to help you, Just wait for the Pokemon Generation 2

Since the launch of Pokemon Go they managed to get into everyone real life, in just 2 months they set the record of 100 Million Downloads one of the fastest game ever.

We have list of Pokemon you should avoid spending candies on them, because it is just waste and not going to evolve. You can wait for Pokemon Go version 2 (Generation 2) with that release these Pokemon will be able to evolve




crobat pokemon

Finally, a use for all of those annoying Zubats! Then again, since it seems like Pokémon with high speed stats are getting the shaft in Pokémon GO, Crobat might not actually be very useful at all. Being a third (and final) stage evolution, we’re guessing it will require 100 candies to make the jump from Golbat to Crobat.

#11 Bellossom


Bellossom is an alternate third (and final) stage evolution for Gloom, which itself is an evolution of Oddish. In the original games you needed to give Gloom a Sun Stone in order for it to evolve into a Bellossom, so we’re not sure how it this will go down in Pokémon GO (It could be semi-random like Eevee?) Again, third stage evolution -> probably 100 candies.

#10 Politoed

politoed Pokemon

Just like Bellossom, Politoed is an alternate third (and final) stage evolution, this time of Poliwhirl (and Poliwag). In the original games, in order to obtain a Politoed you needed to trade a Poliwhirl to another player while it was holding a King’s Rock. In Pokémon GO, however, we’re not really sure, other than the fact that it will probably require 100 candies.

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