The new Nokia 3310 battery has 8.8 times more talk time (22 hours) than old one

new Nokia 3310 vs old 3310-min

2017 has been a year for nostalgic tech products, and Mobile World Congress has unveiled some “new” technology to fill the void of the old brick-like phones.

Nokia showed off their refreshed Nokia 3310 that is essentially the same phone as 17 years ago but with a few modern touches. Aside from a larger display and a camera, the new 3310’s battery puts some current smartphones to shame.

New 3310 phone vs old-min

The old 3310 had a 900mAh removable battery that offered 55 hours of standby time and 2.5 hours of talk time. The new 3310 has a 1200mAh removable battery with 31 days of standby time and 22 hours of talk time. That’s 8.8 times more talk time with the new 3310 than the old.

New Nokia 3310 just cost about Euro 49. if you still have an old one you know the legacy.

Source: Nokia

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