Nascar server hit Ransomware, FBI Failed to deencrypt files locked by hackers

Nascar Race Team’s Computer Hacked Infected with Ransomware fbi cannot dencypt it-min

Keep backup or Pay, FBI proved that when they failed to recover files for NASCAR Server locked by hackers

It’s not the first time FBI advised to victims to pay to get there files. Another example set when NASCAR seek for help for Ransomware attack. There servers got encrypted and showing below banner.

NASCAR team was shocked to see their server got encrypted and seen below message with all important files in it, they notified FBI to ask for help but they refused by saying to continue with payment as its encrypted with 2048 encryption key they cannot decrypt it or they will lose their files.


NASCAR didn’t have backup of the files and ended up paying the Ransomware money.

Those who do not know what is Ransomware, it’s an attack on the victim device it could be anything including (PC/Laptop/Smartwatch/SmartTV) anything which can execute files. it has one server where deencyption key is saved until you pay.

some days back hackers were selling the software for just $13.

Attackers are hidden behind TOR proxy to avoid any trace back to them. Hacker asks for BITCOIN money to unlock the files.

Everyday there are thousands of victim falls under this due to no backup of important files.

If you are also one of them start taking backup or have extra cash to pay them.

Source: Hackread,Thehacknews

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