Mosquito laser Low cost mass killer for Malaria Spreaders Try this

There is a device called Mosquito Laser which can kill the Mosquitos in radius of 100 Feet-min

Mosquito Laser Kills buzzers to reduce Malaria spreading on alarming rate

The handheld Mosquito Laser, developed by astrophysicists and former Microsoft exec Nathan Myhrvold, locates and kills individual mosquitoes by detecting the audio frequency of their beating wings. There’s a fun factor of murdering mosquitoes with lasers, sure, but the WMD could also help curb the spread of mosquito-borne malaria.

Watch slow motion video how mosquito laser kills flaying buzzers



The idea is criticized because remote areas doesn’t have electricity or not steady electricity but its the good invention meant to serve the man kind in better way.


Source: Google,Wikipedia, Bill laboratories


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