Men opening door for Women is actually a social convention, Solution revolving door

Theophilus Van Kannel revolving door

Men opening door for Women is actually a social convention

According to some etiquette buffs, it’s proper form for a man to open doors for a woman, allowing her to enter and exit before he does. But in the case of revolving doors, this standard rule of chivalry does an 180, if you will. Men should go first through the revolving doors, as Park Hyatt Chicago doorman Joe Snyder told Real Simple: “A gentleman should always go first and assist the woman through the revolving door, and I observe this on a daily basis.” This relieves women of the effort of pushing the door open and is ultimately considered a more polite move. Chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s been updated for modern times.


As it turns out, this polite gesture would crush the feelings of the revolving door’s creator, Theophilus Van Kannel. It is said that he so disliked the social convention of men opening doors for women that he invented a new type of entrance in an attempt to sidestep the issue. Luckily for Van Kannel, he also had the scientific chops to back it up, even if he was inadvertently creating a new rule in the original one’s stead.

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