Mcdonald’s free meal invite sent using fake account killed 10 people and injured 16

Mcdonald's free meal killed 10 people and injured 16-min

Fake Facebook account killed, cost life of 10 People, killer used the hacked Facebook account and invited people for free meal at Mcdonald’s

The Munich Shooter Ali David Sonboly, a German citizen hacked a girl’s Facebook account and posted offers luring people into visiting McDonald’s for free food on Friday 22nd July.

The Facebook account used by Sonboly belonged to a teenage girl named ‘Selina Akim’ which was used to make fake posts on social media luring victims especially the young ones to visit McDonald’s for free food just a few hours before the killing spree.

Earlier the Bavarian police only suspected that the shooter may have hacked a Facebook account but later the police confirmed that Sonboly hacked a genuine Facebook account to post fake offers about free food at McDonald’s inside Olympia shopping center to gather as many people as possible. The victim of hacked also reported about her account being hijacked.

German minister has confirmed the rumors that Munich shooter hacked a Facebook account to tempt victims to McDonalds.

— Prasanna (@SQLInterstellar) July 23, 2016

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