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Post vs Submission? What is the difference?

Post vs. Submission

Posts – You will be creating this post first time & submit content to it.Also referred as new posts
Example: User creates new “Open List”. Other users may contribute to it.

Submissions – children of a post. They are similar, in behavior, to posts but cannot exist alone.
Example: User adds new “Submission” to an existing open list.

What are the post or list types and there purpose?

Post Formats

The website offers with the following post formats:

  1. Open List. For images and/or embeds. Users can contribute by submitting new items. Ranking (order) is based on votes.
  2. Ranked List. For images and/or embeds. Users can’t contribute. Ranking (order) is based on votes.
  3. Classic List. For images and/or embeds. Users can’t contribute. Ranking (order) is set by list author.
  4. Story. Best for text stories, similar to WordPress posts.
  5. Gallery. Best for photo stories.
  6. Image. For a single image.
  7. Embed. For a single YouTube, Twitter, Instagram content.
  8. Meme. For a funny image with top and bottom texts.
  9. Trivia Quiz. For quick yes/no quiz.
  10. Personality. For a test to know who/what are you similar to.


Note : we have not enabled some of the options till now, but most of the post format is available for you.

What are the extensions allowed for upload?

We only allow uploading as part of the post

  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • Standard image based extensions
  • Embedded Links

You are restricted to upload (.exe,HTML etc). We have tools in place which can lock you out if you try to upload any of such extensions.