Top 10 countries with best education system in the world according to internation

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Internation performed survey from 14000 expats is more than 191 countries to find out top ten countries with the best education system in the world.

According to survey we have top 10 countries as below

#10 Australia

Australia is rated as the tenth place because of affordable education & quality is also falling in the same quality range.

#9  Netherland

Netherland is considered the most valued part of expat life as per the survey.

#8 Taiwan, China

As per the expats, education is high quality but it’s expensive.

#7 Belguim

One-third of expats in Belguim consider it good education & affordable.

#6 Israel

84% of expats rate education system to be excellent.

#5 HongKong

Education is rated as very good but expensive.

#4 South Korea

Half of the expats says education is excellent.

#3 Switzerland

Favors to be world-class

#2 Singapore

Expats are not happy with the cost but education is excellent.

#1 Finland

70% says education is excellent.

Source: Internation




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