If SUN disappears What will happen to us and earth Eco system,eight science theories

if sun disapeared we will be dead-min

If the sun disappears we will be able to survive for Billion Years, but we might be living deep near the core.

What is an Ecosystem?

An ecosystem includes all of the living things (plants, animals, and organisms) in a given area, interacting with each other, and also with their non-living environments (weather, earth, sun, soil, climate, atmosphere).

Sun in our Ecosystem:

The heat and light from the sun are critical parts of an ecosystem. The sun’s heat helps water evaporate and return to the atmosphere where it is cycled back into the water. The heat also keeps plants and animals warm. Without light from the sun, there would be no photosynthesis and plants wouldn’t have the energy they need to make food.

What happens if the sun disappears?

After 8 MIN 20 SEC, the earth instead of orbiting will continue on a straight line in the space. The gravitational force travels at the speed of light because we will lose the gravitational force of the sun.

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So we will be hitting a lot of stuff in deep space, earth might hit other planet and games ends here or otherwise we will keep traveling if enough lucky.

if sun disappear after 8 mins

After 1 Day Plants will begin to die, 99.9% of all natural productivity on earth will cease. Photosynthesis will stop immediately after the sunlight disappears.

Large plants will survive for years because they have stored enough energy in the form of sugar. At the end ecosystem for nonliving things will be killed.

if sun disappear after 1 day

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