What happen when ant is dead? They emit chemical signal to other ant’s


Dead ant emit chemical signal’s to other ant’s to move the body. If the same chemical signal is sprayed on living ant, other ant’s will do the same with him regardless he is alive and moving.

Ed Wilson carried test’s on dead ant’s and found the answer what happen’s when the ant’s are dead. His theory includes practical test as well.

As per him once ant is dead, start emitng chemical signal to other ant’s to move his body to some sort of burial, that’s the beauty of our mother nature. Right?

When Ed Wilson was a young assistant professor at Harvard in the 1950s, he observed that when ants die — and if they’re not crushed and torn apart — they just lie there, sometimes upside down, feet in the air, while their sister ants (almost all ants in a colony are ladies) walk right by without a glance. That is until about two days after an ant’s passing, Ed discovered, when the corpse appears to emit a chemical signal that changes the living ants’ behavior dramatically.

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