Hackers taking over webcams and streaming girls bedrooms online

Webcam hacked girls on stream-min

You should take your privacy seriously or else it will be public property, without your knowledge and intention, and you will not be able to do anything about it.

You might have seen the below picture? its the CEO & Founder of Facebook interesting is he is having Tape on his laptop and MIC to stop being hacked.

its no surprise when you are a celebrity you are high risk to get hacked. but this risk is no more limited to high profile.

zuckerberg hides cam

Personal webcams are getting hacked as well and its posted online and trust me there are a lot of viewers to watch you. Once you are public nothing you could do about to prevent the Likes/Shares/Views etc. and you might end up in regrets.

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Take your security & privacy seriously, You are no less than any VIP


Jeniffer told ABC News that one of her daughters unintentionally disclosed the name of an unprotected server when playing a game online allowing hackers to gain access to the security camera and showing the family’s activities inside the room including sleeping and changing clothes.

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