When you get high voltage electric shock? what saves your life?


High voltage shocks can cause death or even serious damage to the body. But what happens behind the scene in your body if you get electric shock & How to save life if this happens.

WARNING: electricty is very dangrous for the childerns take special care for little angels.

The human body is a pretty good conductor of electricity. Electricity always flows towards a “ground” or an item “drawing” the electricity(like an appliance). So when somebody gets shocked it’s because the human body offers a quick way to a “ground”. Since our bodies work or small electronic pulses to make muscles move; and muscles in order to move only contract, someone who would get electrocuted( if the Amps were large enough) would find themselves in an constant contraction of their muscles.

That’s why People who grab a live wire get in trouble because the natural contraction of the hand is to close, thus worsening the situation. By the way with the heart being a muscle, too much electrical input would cause to the heart to essentially wreck itself.

If the Amps (overall strength) of a current is strong enough then the resulting heat caused by the body not able to effectively and efficiently transfer the energy would basically turn into a low grade resistor and the impeded electricity would cause great heat thus cooking you inside out.

its the muscle which throws you away from the electric shocks, not the electricity. This much energy one way or another needs to leave your body. That’s what it throws you away, and magically it saves your life as well.

if you got into this kind of suitation where you have to help someone struck by elecriticy have a look on this it will help you for sure to save someone life.


Take special precutions while saving life of someone. Do not I repeat DO NOT try to touch the body without proper diconnection of the electricity and making sure there is no other source of contact.

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Source: Howstuffworks

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