Forget Pokemon Maps Auto capture every Pokemon & Spin every Pokestops in area

mygobot pokemongo-min

There is a BOT which walk for you on the streets and capture every Pokemon & Spin every Pokestops comes through its way

it looks so real to the system that it is still working, Bot actually do the job of travelling for you and capture every Pokemon it comes across, it spins every pokestop in the area. You can adjust everything you like

  • What speed it should walk?
  • How far?
  • Start from where? and end where
  • Which Pokemon to capture?
  • Which Pokemon to evolve if possible?

Whats interesting is it acts like a human, it walks, it tries to capture and it could escape also, it evolves, it waits before capturing. etc.

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We tested the bot and below are the results after running it for around 16 hours

Captured PokemonCaptured eggs-min


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