The first plantable pencil, sprout plant once they’re too short to write with

You can grow many kinds of flower’s, Vegetable’s & Herbs by just sticking your pencil in soil once you are done using it.

Go green save the world, every plant generates a lot of oxygen for everyone of us, I love this idea to be innovative and teach our next generation to grow plant’s and save world.

Three students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, came up with this idea for the task: “Design the sustainable office article of tomorrow” The students set out to create the first plantable pencil in the world. The Sprout pencil was designed to be made out of sustainable wood with a dissolvable end capsule containing seeds.

Idea is very simple but very effective, it’s aprox 2 Billion pencil we consume each day in world. And small change in our lifestyle gonna seed this many tree’s for our generation.

You can grow anything depending upon your interest and needs

  • Flowers
  • Vegetable
  • Herb
  • Fruit


How it works:

howitworks sprout pencil

it come’s in different flavors you can grow your own garden.

You can buy it from below

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