Find Pokemon Go, All Locating services closed by Pokemon, How to locate Now

Pokemon closed down the locating services of major providers Pokevision & Pokehound. How to locate now-min

Whats next after major locating service providers are down how we can locate other Pokemon

its a major breakdown operation Pokemon Go team has taken after so many days of launching of game. Users were able to locate the different Pokemon on the map and was even able to know for how long it will be available there.

Pokemon team said it is killing the whole idea & purpose of the game and taken immediate actions against this by closing the vulnerabilities available in the GPS system.

Pokemon Go team said that they were very busy in maintaining the servers due to heavy volume they was not able to focus on the vulnerabilities which let other companies prepare Apps & Locating services helped users to catch all the Pokemon.

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Since yesterday every services has went down.  Most probably everyone will face legal issues.



On Saturday, one of the more popular services, Poké said that it was “currently unavailable.” When asked over the phone if the site would be down indefinitely, Pokévision cofounder Yangcheng Liu simply responded “it possibly could be.” He declined to comment further and would not say if the company threatened legal action against him or his site.

Pokoemon closed Pokevision services

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