Facebook hackers stealing your credentials with silly mistake

Change Facebook password today, Click on the video link and lose your Facebook account its that simple

There is no doubt that by one or another mean you are part of the *graphy addictions. But some hackers has used this as their tool to steal your credentials.

Those who do not know what is Phishing attack is, in this kind of attack hacker tricks victim to provide username & password by any mean, email/link to click/get paid etc.

As per the *hub report they were on top of world most searched terms in google until POKEMON break the record of every search.

There is no clear way to stop cyber criminals to take your credentials, even most educated people makes such silly mistakes that they end up losing the account and see objectable media on their Facebook accounts.

In a recent attack found that when you click on such videos you end up losing your Facebook email id & password.

See the proof below

We are sure you have also came across below type of images

once you click this link it redirects you to next page

This is a phishing page where you provide your username & password yourself and congrats you are done with your username & password you lost it


If you are addictive to this kind of content we recommend you find some other way else you will end up as same as millions of victims.


Good luck stay protected and better play Pokemon outside than this.

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