Facebook have more than 30 Million users who had died already

Facebook have more than 30 million accounts who had died-min

Facebook will be the biggest graveyard in upcoming years. already 30 million people have died, adding 8000 daily.

The numbers of the dead on Facebook are growing fast. By 2012, just eight years after the platform was launched, 30 million users with Facebook accounts had died. That number has only gone up since. Some estimates claim more than 8,000 users die each day.


The social network, which currently has 1.5billion users worldwide, will turn into the world’s biggest virtual graveyard by 2098.

Facebook’s refusal to automatically delete dead users automatically and the plateauing membership of the site means that the living will be outnumbered sooner than you might think.

At some point in time, there will be a dead Facebook users than living ones. Facebook is a growing and unstoppable digital graveyard.

Many Facebook profiles announce their owners have passed; they are “memorialized”. The profile is emblazoned with the word “remembering”, and they stop appearing in public spaces, like People You May Know or birthday reminders.But not all Facebook users who have passed away are memorialized.

facebook graveyard-min

Online legacy planning company called the Digital Beyond has claimed that 970,000 Facebook users will die this year alone across the world.

That compares to 385,968 in 2010 and 580,000 in 2012.

Facebook’s policy on dead users had led to criticism as some families want more control over how their loved ones are remembered online.

Some dead people still appear as having birthdays in users’ news feeds and alerts despite having passed away.


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