Downfall on Yahoo, Time changes Google & Facebook are new leaders in online bussiness

yahoo sold to verizon

Coin flip and change the history of Yahoo company from 40 Billion dollar company to $4 Billion Company


Yahoo vs goolge

With the recent news of acquiring Yahoo by Verizon Company shocked the world. Yahoo was no doubt one of the biggest internet provider & Ads network at one time. it was started when the CEO was just 10 Year old he was already billionaire.

Interesting thing is


in 1998 Yahoo refused to buy Google for $1 Million

in 2002 Yahoo realizes its mistake and tries to purchase again for $3 Billion, Google asked for $5 Billion they again refused it

in 2008 Microsoft wanted to buy them for $40 Billion, Yahoo refused it

in 2016 Yahoo sold for $4 Billion to Verizon Company

downfall of world leader

what lesson you got from this?

  • Take smart decisions in life

  • Avoid B class Employees

  • Look for the best talent

  • When time is right take the right decision


All aside they  still gets 6 Million users every month to their website. They lacked the vision of future branding due to their internal employees as per the experts.

As compared to Google, they are Future brand company.

As much as I’m a fan of Yahoo! (the company), I believe Yahoo! can not be turned around and its best days are well behind it. While Marissa Mayer has done an amazing job to improve Yahoo!’s image, the fact is that you can’t make a great consumer internet company without having amazing people (especially engineers). Yahoo! is getting some quality business folks and product managers via acqui-hires and from companies like Google, but what they actually need is thousands of high caliber engineers that can build better products than its rather formidable competitors. Plus, there’s the perception issue of Yahoo! products being just not as interesting and as polished as its competitors’. Sometimes, you can successfully change reality without successfully changing perception.

An interesting observation around title inflation at Yahoo! is that it continues to this day (June 2014). This title inflation is more pronounced for people they hire from the outside. While not healthy in my opinion, it makes sense. They need to do everything they can to attract talent, so it’s no surprise they’re offering VP titles to folks who would have Director-level (or lower) titles elsewhere in the valley.

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