Distance between Earth to Mars is 56 Million Kilometers, Space X is set for big goals

distance between earth to mars-min

SpaceX set there goals high to reach Mars in upcoming missions

In 2012, Falcon 9 made history when it successfully delivered Dragon into orbit to link up with the International Space Station. This made SpaceX the first commercial company ever to visit the ISS, but they still have their sights set on Mars.space x resuable rockets

SpaceX’s two-stage Falcon 9 rocket stands approximately 70 meters (229.6 feet) tall and weighs 549,054kg (1,210,456 lb). The minimum distance between Earth and Mars is about 54.6 million kilometers. If you were to place the Falcon 9 rocket end-to-end with itself when Earth and Mars are at its closest, you would need 780,000,000 Falcon 9 rockets.

SpaceX is also known for building reusable Rockets.


Source: IEEE,Space X

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