“Cleaning For A Reason” they clean houses for free for women with cancer


Just because you can’t see your ANGEL, doesn’t mean they are not there

Wishing for an ANGEL is a good thing, but being an ANGEL means a’lot. We should always try to make difference in life’s of those who are in need.

Act of kindness can mean a’lot to someone, sometimes we see this kind of acts on streets with (Homeless, poor, needy, hungry), Yes i said sometimes because the count of act of kindness is less. But one thing is for sure every moment someone will be doing it.

We have to do this more often. Do not throw the stuff you do not need, there is always someone who needs it try to donate.

Cleaning For A Reason, is one true act of kindness and their moto is very simple “You take care of your health & Family, we take care of your home”.

Cleaning For A Reason® is working with Ford Warriors in Pink® to provide 500 women undergoing treatment for breast cancer one free house cleaning.

They have served up to 23000 women since opened in 2006. They totally are dependent upon donations


There testimonial are very impressive.

This service is very simple to subscribe you just have to fill in form and that’s all


You can also apply for voluntary service if you wish to.

If you know any patient please pass this information to her here’s the link http://www.cleaningforareason.org/

Don’t be in the waiting list for the world to change itself. You could be the first step and every one will follow you.

Source: Change of life

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