Capture Rarest Pokemon in US Cities, find out in a chart which one you are looking for

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Are you looking for Rarest Pokemon? Find out the city name where you have higher chances to capture them, then other cities

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Pokemon Go has broke all the record in the gaming industry, to get Rare Pokemon players are moving around the city and keep capturing the same or just a sighting fills there heart.

snorlax rare Pokemon

The same goes for Wigglytuff, Aerodactyl, Lapras, and Dratini. And that’s because they’re all especially rare Pokémon to find in the wild.

rare pokemon

To find the best destinations for catching rare Pokémon, we looked at 250 major cities across the country. Using the Twitter API, we reviewed recent tweets including hashtags with epic, mythical, and special Pokémon names, as well as Pokémon Go. In order to find the cities with the widest diversity, we counted the number of species in each city.

To find the cities with the most Pokémon sightings, we counted the total number of epic, mythic, and special Pokémon found in each city. For accuracy, we only reviewed tweets with images or videos of Pokémon captured during game play. Totals do not include mentions of rare Pokémon without visual evidence or those hatched from eggs.

We have made your life easy checkout below chart to find out the cities where you can capture check out chart on next page

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