Best Graphite drawing art you will see today, its just so alive

Art is not what you see. Art is what you make others see.

I strongly believe in above quote. Check out the below art someone named “hg_art” created this marvelous piece of art with so much detailed work.

if you do not know what is Graphite drawing art, The graphite that’s used in “normal” pencils is the same graphite used in artist quality pencils. The only difference is the type and quantity of filler that’s mixed with the graphite to create different degrees of hardness. The softest grade of pencil is a 9b and the hardest is a 9h.

As per him, below took 12 hours to complete and it is totally worth it. he has spent over 900 graphite drawing pencils.

Scorpian Art

source: hg_art

Another one of my favorites piece of art 15 hours work enclosed in one art

Graphite art Eye in detail


Detail work of this artist deserves appreciation.

Graphite art venom


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Looking forward to more great work from him. And if you are interested in buying graphite pencil Amazon is having great deals for you.

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