Best free tools to alert and prevent 99% RANSOMWARE attacks for Home Users

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Ransomware infects millions of users every day forcing them to pay money in order to get important data back.

It’s very simple rule if you will not think of your security seriously definitely, you will end up paying or losing data WHY?

Many users I have seen complaining

  • They have not done any bad to others?

Seriously? it is like you are in front of a lion and thinking you have not done any bad to him it will not harm you.

you got the point. start taking your personal security seriously. For home user security can be costly, But I have got nice tools for you. which you can use free of charge lifetime.

How does Ransomware work?

I never call them hackers, why because they are not hackers, We call them script kiddies who uses codes which are developed by Hackers. Script kiddies just want money one way or other

it works in three stages:

  • Dropper
  • Server Communication
  • Encryption

#1 Dropper

they drop a file called dropper which analyzes your device and finds’s out what is important data.

#2 Server Communication

Once data is analyzed it requires the private key to encrypt the data it goes to hacker server to get it.

#3 Encryption

Once a key is sent by the server it starts encrypting the device.

Congratulations,  if #3 is completed you are a victim of Ransomware attack.


How to prevent it?

You have three chances to prevent it any one of the stages if you closed you cannot be a Ransomware victim. let’s map the tools one by one to each stage.

  • Dropper –> Antivirus
  • Server Communication –> DNS Resolution
  • Encryption –> DNS Resolution/IPS & BACKUP

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Let’s study all the tools one by one and I will guide you how to deploy it at home for free.

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