Could Artificial Intelligence Take Away Your Job? Let’s Find out


Artificial Intelligence can one day replace humans with Robots, Scary today & Scary tomorrow

For Over 65 years, Hollywood has made elements of Artificial Intelligence come to life on big screen.

In one way it seems possible “May be” but this may be is no more fear for you. the straight forward answer to this question is big NO you are not going to lose job.

AI is built to help us make human work easier, its not meant to run itself. AI is algorithms of codes which runs again and again to achieve different result. it have no capabilities to even move one step without our code.

Current robots, with even the most advanced AI capabilities, are not equipped with the hardware or software to be intelligent enough to even maneuver themselves out of a corner. Robots can be programmed to make our lives easier, but they certainly couldn’t take over our jobs.

The reality is that AI relies on a human component to guide them through the unique and ever-changing flow of our jobs. In the face of a dangerous environment, robots add a welcome buffer. In an emergency situation like a fire, robots may be used to mimic human movements or tasks, with the human managing other elements from afar.

According to presentations at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech conference, we shouldn’t have anything to worry about. as per MIT this maybe is never going to come.

so relax & kick the robot butt for our work 🙂

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Source: MIT


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