Another Hit to Yahoo More than 1 billion user accounts impacted by this hacking

Yahoo admit 1 billion user account breached-min

Finally, Yahoo admits that 1 Billion user accounts were impacted in 2013 Data breach.

Being one of Internet Giant still security doesn’t seem to be their priority, Yahoo was denying this hack damage since ages but finally they have to accept the damage. They accepted that

According to chief information security officer (CISO) of Yahoo, Mr. Bob Lord, the stolen data contains names, telephone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, passwords encrypted with the MD5 algorithm and in some cases both encrypted and unencrypted security questions and their answers.

The blog post further explains that the data does not contain clear-text passwords and users’ banking and payment card data was also not affected since the company does not store them on the same server.

This is having huge impact on Yahoo sale and user growth. as this is second time in a year they faced this.

Yahoo is a sinking ship and it’s deals are getting hammer day by day. Verizon agreed to buy Yahoo and it seem’s like they might get out of it

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it seem’s like $4.5 Billion deal might cancelled.

Yahoo must take hard decision’s in order to survive where Google has acquired the major share. Every one is having eye’s on them and who know’s how many breaches are gonna get identified.

Yahoo recommend’s User’s to change their password’s.

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